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This is a complete list of suggested parts needed to run a Weber sidedraft setup on your 2002 (SEE DIRECT ITEM LINKS BELOW). If this recipe is followed it will clear your stock 2002 brake booster. Please note, this is merely a suggested list, your setup may vary if you’re piecing together your own kit. There are a few options for finishing the linkage, contact us if you have questions. If you’d like for us to put together a specific kit for you, please call and we’ll tailor a setup for what you need.


-x2 Weber 40DCOE Carburetor

-x2 (sold in pairs) 90 Degree Angeled Velocity Stacks

-x2 (sold in pairs) Sock-style Individual Air Cleaners

-x1 IE DCOE sidedraft Manifold

-x8 Thin (11mm) nut for manifold

-x1 Top-mount Rod Linkage

-x2 Cold Start Block Off Plate


-x1 Fuel Banjo “T” Fitting

-x1 Mechanical Fuel Pump Block Off Plate

-x1 Low-pressure Electric Fuel Pump

-x1 Low-pressure Fuel Pressure Regulator

-x1 1 meter 8mm (5/16) Fuel hose


-x1 Coolant Hose Kit for the 2002 – Sidedraft Set

-x1 M10 Water Divider for Sidedrafts