Information for International Customers

All prices are in US dollars.
We cannot quote prices in other currencies. If payment is made by credit card or bank transfer, the currency exchange will automatically be handled by the banks. There are no U.S. taxes on exported goods.

Where we ship

We can ship to Europe, most of Asia, South America, Central America, Canada, and some African countries.

Shipping/Freight Quotes

In most cases, our website will calculate a shipping quote for an order.
Here’s how: Add items to the cart and then start the checkout process. The shipping amount will be calculated and displayed prior to the payment screen. If our website is unable to determine the shipping amount for an ordered you’re thinking about, we’ll by happy to supply shipping/freight estimates upon request.
Freight estimates are not binding – final freight cost will be determined at time of shipment.

Shipping methods for International orders.

We generally ship via the United States Postal Service “Express” service (EMS). If package size and/or weight do not fit the Post Office restrictions, we will use FEDEX. We will not ship by any method which does not supply a tracking number. You can track Post Office shipments at We are happy to ship to freight forwarders in the USA; in fact, we prefer it.


Unfortunately, we cannot provide false or reduced invoices, or label shipments as “Gift” for tax/customs purposes. We cannot and will not estimate, pay, or be responsible for the taxes or duties of your respective country. It is up to you the customer to research this and figure the cost into your purchase(s). If your country’s customs is requesting more information or clarity on the declaration or paperwork please have them notify us (preferably by email).

And finally…
We are happy to answer your questions by e-mail. When sending e-mails please identify yourself and your location. We appreciate your business, and support all of your performance driving and racing ventures!


Auto parts for vehicles >25 years old are duty free into Canada no matter the country of origin. Ask the shipper to indicate HS code 9966.00.00 on the customs declaration. This Tariff Item of the Customs Tariff gives duty free status to “articles for use solely or principally with those vehicles manufactured more than 25 years prior to the date of importation”. Information about the interpretation of this tariff item can be found at…0-15-20-doc-eng.html

On shipments with a value of <$1600, there are ways to avoid the brokerage fees charged by UPS, Fedex etc, by clearing the shipment yourself. There are 2 ways to do this:

1. Prior to receiving your shipment, you can contact the courier company and inform them of your wish to self-clear any shipments that are addressed to you and on which brokerage fees are applicable. The company will explain their procedures to you.

2. As an alternative, when a casual shipment is delivered to you, you can refuse delivery and advise the courier company of your intention to self-clear directly with the CBSA. In this case, please ensure that you take note of the unique shipment identifier number on the package, as the shipment will be returned to the courier’s warehouse.

With both options, you will need to visit your local CBSA office to complete a B15 (Casual Goods Accounting Document) and provide them with specific details, including the courier’s name, the unique shipment identifier number, a description of the goods and their value so that the CBSA can correctly assess the goods.

Despite what you may be told by the courier, you have the right to do this and clear the goods yourself. See and in particular paragraph 56