Q. Will my order go out today?

A. Depends, on the complexity of the order or if we have to order parts. Expedited shipping orders will be prioritized and processed first, all other orders (ground) will be processed in the order they were received. However, there is still no guarantee your order will ship same day, it’s best to call us if you need to know about when your order will ship. Typically ground orders will ship in 5-7 business days, but may experience longer than normal handling time during busy seasons.

Q. I bought 2002 Stage 1 or 2 springs, which ones go where?

A. The short ones go in the front and the longer ones go in the back. There will also be slack when the car is off the ground (especially in the front). THIS IS NORMAL. These springs are physically shorter than stock so when the car is up in the air they will be loose however, once on the ground they will not be coming loose (Unless you’re Thelma & Louise). Some people, especially racers, will use safety wire to keep them in place when the car is on the lift.

Q. What will shipping cost?

A. Our website will quote the freight for you before you check out. If for some reason it does not calculate it for you, you can email us with your complete address so we can calculate your shipping costs. Also note, the calculation from the website is not always 100% correct. With some larger items and/or multiple boxes the shipping may be higher than what you were quoted in which case you will be contacted.

Q. Can you answer a technical question about something unrelated to your products?

A. Yes, but we’d rather not. This is not a tech line for ANY BMW question, and we would rather spend our time selling and/or helping out with our own products (we are a business after all and time is money). If your question is related to our products then we will gladly assist you and we will stand by our product. Some excellent and very helpful places to do your homework first are (clickable links):

Q. Do you sell used BMW parts?

A. Yes, we have a very small selection of used parts for 2002, but they are not nor will they be “priced to sell” or discounted. There are also no warranties or returns on used parts.

Q. Do you sell factory or OEM replacement parts?

A. Yes, we can supply you with every part you need as long as it is not NLA. Often we can offer you parts from a variety of manufacturers. Unfortunately we cannot list every BMW part on our website so give us a call if you do not see what you need listed.