Currently we are not accepting new resellers/wholesalers into our program.

The resellers’ program is a mutually beneficial program whereby the reseller/shop is offered discounts on products in exchange for shared responsibility in product support and moving product/marketing of product. For this reason there is a one-time buy-in to our program. The buy-in price depends on market trends at the time of opening of the program. This incentivizes the reseller to move more of our product to recoup the cost of the buy-in, and deters people/shops that are only looking for a handout on a single item or order. Discounts do not apply to every item in our catalog. Only Ireland Engineering Motorsports branded or manufactured products are eligible for the discounted rate. Discounts range depending on the item. “Name brand” products or items resold by us are not discounted (for example: Eibach, Clutchmasters, Febi, Meyle, Bilstein, etc.)

To be eligible for the program you MUST have a business license in a related industry (ie. auto parts store, repair shop, machine shop, etc.). For example, a business in the agricultural industry will not be eligible.


Required items:

Out of state/International resellers: A scanned copy of your business license(s).

California resellers: A scanned copy of you business license and a filled California Resale Certificate Form. You can print/fill the form here. This is so you will not be required to pay tax.

Depending on the state or local governments and the frequency your business license is renewed, you will be required to re-submit the required information to ensure it is up-to-date for us. In other words a 5 year old expired business license is not acceptable.


Resale accounts can NOT be loaned out to friends or used by any person(s) except the business it pertains to. Resale prices are CONFIDENTIAL and should not be shared. Payment will be required by business credit card, company check, or wire from company account (name of the company must be on any of these options). Any misuse or abuse of your account will result in the revocation of the account. If you are unable to maintain your current and applicable resale information, your account may be revoked.

For accounts that have remained inactive (no orders placed) for a very extended period of time:

-if you have paid the buy-in, your account will remain in good standing indefinitely (as long as no other misuse occurs).

-if your account has been grandfathered in (not paid the buy-in), your account will be revoked or you will be required to pay the buy-in to maintain good standing.