Urethane Motor Mounts – E3/E9/E12/E24 EARLY/E30



Product Description

We were the first to make urethane motor mounts for the E30 twenty years ago. These heavy duty urethane motor mounts are stronger and absorb vibration better than the factory mounts. They are not a bolt-through design (effectively a skinny solid mount), but rather the internal plates extend into the urethane offering strength while maintaining some of its vibration-dampening characteristics. They’re also more resistant to oil and ozone. The urethane durometer is 80a. Made right here in Southern California.


E30 325 models (not 318 models)

E9, E3, E12 and early E24 cars (w/ E12 Chassis).

Installation notes: When installing these mounts, make sure to retain the factory heat shield. Urethane motor-mount torque spec. is 25 ft/lbs. Over-tightening can lead to premature failure.


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