Silicone Coolant Hose Kit – 2002 (Sidedraft Set)


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Hose Clamps

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This is a complete coolant hose kit intended to be used with your Sidedraft Carburetor, Individual Throttle Body or EFI installation. Our silicone rubber hoses are more durable and last longer than regular rubber hoses.

We offer a set of 14 stainless steel hose clamps with rolled edges as an option.

Includes the following pieces:

-Stainless Steel Coolant bypass tube

-Silicone upper radiator hose

-Silicone lower radiator hose

-Silicone T-stat to H20 pump

-Silicone T-stat to H20 Divider

-Silicone Heater Inlet Hose

-Silicone Heater Outlet Hose

-Silicone Bypass reducer hose

***As of 4/27/21 we only have blue hoses in stock, the black color is on order***



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Weight 5.00 lbs


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