Shift Plate for 5-Speed Conversion



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We designed and manufactured our own shift plate which uses late-model BMW shifter hardware and linkage. We find this setup to be functionally superior to using reworked 2002 parts. Our kit includes shift plate with all new parts including ball sockets, mounts to transmission, rear support hardware, foam isolator pad, shortened selector rod, and selector rod joint and dowel.

*Note 1: This kit is designed for compatibility with our Short Shift Gear Lever and/or the later (post-Feb 1974) 2002 shift lever with 10mm pins – if you have the early shift lever for the ‘forked’ selector rod, you’ll need to update to a later-style lever. We strongly suggest using our Short Shift Gear Lever.

**Note 2: Plate designed to be used with the commonly used 3-piece Getrag 245 Transmission.

You can download your instructions here.


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