IE Super Short Shift Kit – E30/E24/E28


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Optional Shift Knob

Product Description

The IE super short shifter is a great way to improve the shift feeling in your E30 (325/e/i/es/is/ic,318i/is,M3) or E24/E28. This shifter offers a 50% reduction in throw while reducing the flex found in a factory lever. This kit includes all of the hardware needed (including a new OEM Lock pin), except for a shift knob. You can reuse your stock shift knob or choose one of our optional knobs.

Potential fitment questions:

*NOTE 1: If you have a car made before 06/86 and have the sheet metal shift plate this kit will work, however the billet ball cup carrier from this kit is not used as it is already on your car.

**NOTE 2: If your car is equipped with the driveshaft vibration dampener it will need to be removed for optimal clearance.

Technical Details:

1) Accepts OEM shift knobs as well as those with 14×1.25mm thread pitch.

2) The billet cup raises the lever’s pivot point which allows for a longer throw without the threat of driveshaft contact.

3) The lever is height adjustable (up to 3/4″).

4) The lever has an integrated stainless steel shifter ball (as opposed to the factory plastic shift ball).

5) Sealed roller bearings at the bottom of the shifter (as opposed to the factory plastic bushing).

You can download installation instructions here.



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