Billet Coolant Hose Fitting – N51/N52/N53/N54



This fitting from the dealership is plastic and is VERY prone to cracking and breaking. The problem lies in that while the hose itself is inexpensive, the labor to replace said hose is not because reaching the bottom of the hose requires removal of other ancilliaries (a 2 hour job). Also, the rubber on the hose is probably perfectly fine, you need only replace the fitting at the top which is easily accessible. This billet aluminum fitting will save you some money while giving you peace of mind and many more miles on the road!
The fitting and the hose are typically sold as one piece by other vendors, the oem reference number for that hose is #11 53 7 545 890 or #11 53 7 541 992.

Fits cars with N51/N52/N53/N54 motors: E82/E84/E85/E86/E87/E88/E89/E90/E91/E93 etc.

Made from billet 6061 aluminum right here in California. Includes stainless steel hardware.

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Weight 1.00 lbs


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