Air Cleaners (Sock Style) – Weber 40/45 DCOE



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Product Description

Uni-Filter ‘sock’ type individual air filters have washable foam elements with internal wire support to prevent collapse or intake of the filter element. These mount directly to the velocity stack and will clear the brake booster on a 2002. Available as 40mm or 45mm. Sold in sets of 2 (one set does one Weber sidedraft carb).

The Sock-style air filters make more power than any other DCOE air filter we’ve tried. The base of the filter is a rubber velocity stack for smooth air flow (unlike a flat-face mounted filter). The foam element is supported by an internal spring, this creates a space of “still” unobstructed air from which the velocity stack can pull from (this is the problem with open stacks and snap on mesh screens).

Filter Dimensions

Overall Length: 4.5″

Mounting shoulder: approx. .5″ (included in the overall length)

Filter diameter: approx. 3 1/8″

Note: 45mm filters do not fit our velocity stacks. They only fit the original velocity stacks that came on the 45 DCOE 152.


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