Adjustable Rear CAMBER Kit – Posi-Lock Style


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A new, positive-lock type kit. Our rear camber kit allows you to correct (reduce) the camber change which occurs when a suspension is lowered. The kit consists of two sets of brackets (left and right) and positive-lock type adjustment hardware. Each step (tooth) allows 1/16″ of adjustment, and the total range is over 1.1″. Another benefit is that only one wrench is required for adjustment (really helpful at the track).

Kit fits 2002, E9/E12, E21, E30 and E28/E24.

Note: Initial installation requires removal of rear subframe, grinding and welding of brackets to the subframe. These plates are Zinc-plated, this plating should be ground off of the weld-zone prior to welding.

Note: I highly recommend using this kit in conjunction with the Toe Kit. When adjusting the camber on a semi-trailing arm the toe will also be affected.

Note: We recommend the camber plates be welded on the inboard side in a vertical position. They can be welded offset with more upward adjustment over the existing hole.

You can download instructions here.


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