We also occasionally buy whole cars or buy-outs of inventory (Locally).

Cores will ALWAYS be inspected for damage, which may include media blasting, pressure testing, machining, etc. If any additional steps such as these need to be taken, the time it takes for you to receive a credit or deposit may take a little time. You can choose store credit or cash for your cores. The price for store credit will always be a little higher than cash. The prices we offer will depend on the condition of the core and demand we have for the part at the time, so contact us (emailing pictures would be best, don't send in parts until you do please) and we can go from there.

Please keep in mind when inspecting your core that other enthusiasts like yourself will be using the parts. If a core is deemed unusable you will be promptly contacted.

Cores we buy:

Front Subframes
Front Control Arms
Rear Subframes
Rear Trailing Arms (Tii and Non-Tii)
Front Strut Housings (Tii and Non-Tii)
4 Speed Driveshafts
Brake Boosters (Tii and Non-Tii)
Cylinder Heads
2.0L Crankshafts
Oil Pans
Oil Pumps
Manual Pedal Boxes

5 Speed Transmissions (Getrag 245)
"6 Bolt" Diffs (LSD and Non-LSD)
Front Wheel Hubs (Large and Small Bearing)

Front Subframes
Rear Subframes
Rear Trailing Arms (w/ ABS)
Front Strut Housings (w/ABS 51mm)

Front Wheel Hubs
Front Subframes
Rear Subframes

Front Subframes
Rear Subframes

M52B28 Cranks
S50B30 Cranks
S52B32/M54B30 Cranks