IE Billet Shift Knob

IE Billet Shift Knob

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This classically-styled billet shift knob was designed in-house as our homage to the timeless BMW mushroom-style shifter. Machined right here in Southern California from solid T6061 aluminum, this shifter will look and feel right at home in your vintage BMW. The emblems designs are produced in actual cloisonne, marking a distinct departure from the typical plastic variety. The gear-pattern designs are reminiscent of those found on the long-since discontinued Amco shift knobs (though they never offered this particular 5-speed design). Our goal was to produce the best possible knob directly intended for the vintage BMW community, what you see here is the result.

Given that every threaded shift knob can be oriented a little different when fully tightened, our knobs are shipped without the emblem set in place. Once you tighten down your knob, and determine the proper position of the emblem, you can permanently attach it in place (we recommend Permatex Clear RTV Silicone Adhesive or Liquid Nails).

The knobs are available in the following finishes:
-Polished Aluminum
-Black Anodized

The emblems are available in the following styles:
-4 Speed
-5 Speed Overdrive (Getrag 245)
-BMW Roundel
-BMW Motorsport
-M Power

(picture showing the five different lever tops)

We offer the following types of attachment:
- M15x1.5 thread-on type (for original BMW 2002, E9, E3, and early E21's & Later style BMW push-on levers)
- M14x1.25 thread-on type (for those using the IE SSK lever)