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Please check the part numbers to make sure what you order matches the wheels you have. Nowadays people put wheels on their BMW not originally made for it, for that OEM+ look, so again please verify the part number. The RED number at the bottom of the photo indicates the last three numbers in the OEM part number of the part pictured. All options are sold in sets of 4 pieces.


45mm #36131181082

57mm #36131181106

58mm #36131181081

64.5mm #36136767550

64.5mm (w/ CAP) #36136783536

65mm #36131181080

70mm #36136758569

70mm (BBS WHEELS ONLY) #36132225190

82mm #36131181104

ALPINA 50.8mm Plexiglass Emblems

///M Sticker #36112228660