Water Pump – M30



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Difference between Late and Early styles is the bolt pattern for the pulley and the threads for fan clutch.

EARLY STYLE (Photos 1 & 2): Fits all E3 and E9 M30’s.

LATE STYLE (Photos 3 & 4): This is a quality replacement water pump for the M30 engine in your E28, E24, and E23. We find the metal impeller used on this pump is superior to the plastic or sheet-metal impellers found on other pumps. Fits the following cars:
E24 633CSi 09/79-1984
E24 635CSi 1985-1989
E12 528i 09/79-1981
E28 533i 1983-1984
E28 535i/s 1985-1988
E23 733i 09/79-1984
E32 735i/L 1987-1992


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