Urethane Transmission Mounts – E30/E36/E24/E28/Z3



Product Description

Our heavy duty urethane transmission mount is supported with 2 steel cups molded inside (so they don’t need a poor bolt-through design with exterior reinforcements). Stiffer transmission mounts improve shifter feel and can reduce the potential of missed shifts (urethane durometer; 80a). Features 8mm studs.

Installation notes: Urethane transmission-mount torque spec. is 18 ft/lbs. Over-tightening can damage mount.

Fits the following manual-transmission equipped cars:

1986-’89 E24 6-Series 633Csi, 635Csi (Getrag 260)

1986-’88 E28 5-Series 533i, 535i/is (Getrag 260 )

1984-’92 E30 3-Series 325e/es/i/is/ic, 325es, 325i, 325is, 325ic

1992-’98 E36 3-Series 318i/is/ti/ic, 323is/ic, 325i/is/ic, 328i/is/ic, M3

1997-’02 Z3 2.3/2.5i/2.8/3.0i, M Roadster, M Coupe



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