Top Mount “Rod Style” DCOE Throttle Linkage – M10


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Product Description

Overhead mechanical rod linkage for installation of 2 Weber DCOE carburetors. Each carburetor has its own adjustable drop-arm for synchronisation and throttle actuation, and a third lever takes input from your mechanical linkage and/or existing cable.

The rod-ends used to mount the linkage to your manifolds are 5/16-24 thread. Your intake manifolds must have provision for 5/16″ rod-end mounting. IE, Korman, TWM, Pierce, Cannon, Warneford, and several other manifolds have this mounting provision. Factory BMW manifolds, C/T, and Wolfe brand manifolds generally do not have this mounting provision.

You may need to modify your stock accelerator pull-rod, or alternately replace it with an appropriate cable.


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