Thermostat Housing Kit – M30


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Is your old thermostat housing corroded and your thermostat no longer working? This is a replacement thermostat housing kit that replaces all of your faulty parts. This is the later style housing and thermostat (post ’85).

Installation Note: Upon installation/cooling system overhaul, be sure to bleed the coolant system. Many people (and shops unfamiliar with BMW’s) will skip this step, resulting in sustained high temperatures and a bubbling sound. To bleed the system, back out the bleeder screw on top of housing to let the trapped air out. Once coolant begins to come out, re-tighten the bleeder screw. Installation is as per your workshop manual.

Kit Includes:


-Housing Gasket (not pictured)

-thermostat + o-ring

-bolts and wave washers

-port plugs with crush washers

-11mm thin mounting nuts with washers

Fits all M30 motors.


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