Stainless Steel Street/Track Step-Style Header – 2002/E21



Ceramic Coating

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Product Description

Our exclusive 4-into-1 step header. The primary tubes of this regular steel header are 1.5″ diameter and increase to 1 5/8″. This ‘step’ helps scavenge the exhaust gases while maintaining high gas velocity – the result is the strong midrange torque of a 1.5″ pipe header with the high end of a 1.625″ header. They’re great for performance street cars and for race cars up to about 175HP (SCCA ITB and ITA cars, VARA, etc.). These are top-quality headers designed specifically for the BMW M10 engine – dyno tests have shown they out-perform every other header on the market.

Note 1: These do NOT fit right hand drive cars.(Australia, UK, Etc.)

Note 2: The headers are made from 409 stainless steel. To further prevent under hood temperatures, consider ceramic coating (see main photo above).

Note 3: For street cars with a stock exhaust or our stainless steel exhaust system, order a 2.5″ header collector adapter (see exhaust section).

Made in USA.


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