Stainless Steel Clutch Line – E24/E28/E30/E36 EARLY/Z3



Product Description

As the BMW chassis’ starts to age, the rubber clutch lines are beginning to swell and go bad. This results in a mushy pedal feel that is only accentuated by aggressive driving. By replacing the line with a Stainless Steel Clutch Line you will regain the lost pedal feedback and stop swelling in the future.
Made right here in USA to DOT standards. The line is composed of a teflon inner line, wrapped in an outer stainless steel braid, and topped with a clear plastic sheath. This is a custom-made line specifically for these cars. Comes with the correct angled end (no adapters required). This is a higher quality replacement for the now more expensive rubber line.

Fits the following:

All E30’s including RHD cars

E28 528e ’82-’88

E28 533 ’83-’84

E28 535i/s ’85-’88

E24 633CSi 09/’84-’85

E24 635CSi ’85-’89

E36 325i/s ’92-’95

E36 318i/s/ti ’93-’99

All Z3’s


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