Solid Brass Brake Bushings for Stock Sliding Calipers (Long Version)


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New Pins

Product Description

This is the best way to increase the performance of your stock brake calipers without going for a Big Brake Kit. The kit will eliminate caliper twisting caused by the stock rubber guide pin bushings. Results are nice even pad wear (and therefor longer pad life), and a more consistent brake system feel. On our long version brass caliper guides we’ve added a heavy duty dust cap to keep dirt out and grease in, thus lengthening the service interval and life of the part. This version was also made to accept the OEM ATE pin, so your stock ones can be re-used or new ones can be purchased (this kit has new pins as an option).

Fits all BMW factory sliding single calipers made by ATE (front and/or rear)(E30,E36,E46,Z3,Z4,E28,E34,E39,E24). To insure fitment look at your stock calipers, if they have Ate embossed on the sliding caliper then they will fit. DOES NOT FIT: Girling E30 318/325 calipers, E28M5, E24M6, 850csi, E9x M3, 135i optional front 6-piston calipers.

If this is for a race car, please check with rules/regulations of your sanctioning body.

Order 2 sets to do both front and rear sets of calipers.

Kit includes:

x4 Long Guides

x4 Clips

x4 Dust Caps


x4 OEM ATE Pins


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