Separate Brake & Clutch Reservoir Kit


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This kit will allow you to have separate brake fluid reservoirs (one for the brakes, one for the clutch) for your 2002 or Tii. You will need to remote mount the clutch master reservoir. The fluid-level warning sensor will no longer function with this kit.

Fitment notes: This kit will work with any of the Tii, E12, and E21 brake master cylinders (however, it will not fit the stock 2002 brake master cylinder). This kit will NOT fit with the stock Ti/Tii black filter box in place.

Parts included:

-Remote-Mount Clutch Fluid Reservoir

-Master-Cylinder Mounted Brake Fluid Reservoir

-BMC Grommets

-Brake fluid hose

-Assorted clamps

Additional information

Weight 3.00 lbs


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