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Complete set of bearing for M30
COATING OPTION: The rod bearings are the weakest link in the M30 bottom end. These rod bearings are coated to increase their durability and useful life. If you’re building a race motor, these are the smart move.

Note: Oversize bearings subject to availability.

Fits the following engines/chassis:

1970-71 E9 2800CS

1971-74 E9 3.0 CS

1971-74 E3 Bavaria

Engine: M30B30

1976-1981 E12 5-series

1986-1994 E32 7-Series

1988-1993 E34 5-Series

Engine: M30B32

1976-1984 E24 633CSi

1978-1984 E23 BMW 7-Series

1983-1984 E28 533i

1986 E30 333i

Engine: M30B34

1985-1988 E28 5-Series

1985-1987 E24 6-Series

1985-1987 E23 7-Series

Engine: M30B35

1988-1989 E24 635CSi

1988-1993 E34 535i

1988-1992 E32 735i



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