Wilwood Rear Disc Brake Kit – 13″ Wheels – 2002/E21


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Product Description

Bolt on rear disc brake kit with a 240mm x 20mm vented rotor and Wilwood 4 piston aluminum caliper. This kit does not have provision for a parking brake. This kit should be paired with larger front brakes and a bias valve. It fits under most 13″ alloy wheels. Pads are a Wilwood “Q” compound.

Hydraulic Park Lock Option: Since this kit is not compatible with the original parking brake and cables, you can opt for an in-line hydraulic park lock. This holds the pressure to the rear calipers while parked. Install is easy but needs to be mounted inside the car somewhere accessible near the driver seat (for example the trans tunnel). It has proper BMW style bubble flare fittings. THIS IS NOT AN EMERGENCY BRAKE.

Important Note Regarding Rear Hub Core/Exchange Procedure: Due to escalating new parts prices and lack of availability of suitable core rear hubs, we are not always able to supply rear hubs on an exchange basis. A pair of new hubs now costs more than the rest of the kit itself. You may either ship us your stock rear hubs for modification (no core charge), or modify your current hubs yourself.
Typical turn-around for machine work/modification to your hubs is 5 days, not including transit time.



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