Rear Disc Brake Kit w/ Parking Brake – 2002/E21


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Bolt on kit to give your ’02 modern braking – great braking power, low-maintance, good looks! Kit includes remanufactured calipers, rotors, brake pads, hardlines & stainless steel braided hoses, lug nuts, caliper brackets and all mounting hardware. Calipers have a lever for your stock parking brake cables and have 38mm pistons. These brakes should be paired with upgraded front brakes. They will fit under some 13″ alloy wheels, but we generally recommend the use of 14″ or greater alloy wheels for ease of fitment.

***NOTE: Because of supply chain issues, your pair of calipers may or may not arrive in matching colors or finishes. We are leaving it up to you, the buyer, to choose to paint them.***

Optional aluminum calipers are lighter weight than stock steel ones, but you will need to bleed the caliper prior to mounting (the bleeder valve and inlet are not the same thread pitch so they can not be reversed for ease of bleeding.). Also these have larger 41mm pistons so you may need to run a bias valve. These would be great for a race car.

Important Note Regarding Rear Hub Procedure: Due to escalating new parts prices and lack of availability of suitable core rear hubs, we are not able to supply rear hubs on an exchange basis. You may either ship us your stock rear hubs for modification, or modify them yourself. Typical turn-around for machine work/modification to your hubs is 5 days, not including transit time. If you opt to have us machine your hubs we will need the hubs first to complete and ship the order.
Installation Note: When mounting calipers the piston may need to be twisted inwards to separate the pads and will require a special tool.

***E21 Installation Note*** In addition to the hubs being modified, there also may be some interference with the mounting bracket and a lip on the trailing arm. Also there will need to be made a way to hold the parking brake cable as the cable is different than a 2002.

Our version of instructions are here.
Steve on the FAQ has done an excellent write up on installation that can be seen here.
Another write up can be seen here.

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