Steel Flywheel Resurfacing, Lightening, & Balancing Service/Labor



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I acknowledge that I read the description and understand that I am paying for a SERVICE to lighten my core flywheel. I am responsible for shipping the flywheel to Ireland Engineering.

Product Description

This product and price is for the machining service ONLY and does not include any core (you need to send your core in to us). These are lightened, surfaced and balanced factory flywheels. The lighter rotating mass helps the engine rev up and down faster, improving acceleration and throttle response. These are a great alternative to expensive aluminum flywheels.

NOTE: Does not include new ring gear (they’re not available).

Send in your good usable core for a rebuild. At this time we do not have any cores, turn around time is about 1.5 weeks. Make sure your ring gear is in good shape and not all chewed up or we will not be able to rebuild your core!
We can service any flywheel (ie. Dual Mass, S14, 6 bolt, etc.) so contact us for more information. Price is the same.


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