IE Adjustable Camber (Fixed Caster) Plates – 2002/E21



Product Description

Adjustable camber plates are essential for track and race cars. Our camber plates mount to the body from underneath the fender using the original factory mounting holes (none of our camber plates require any modification to the body).
These are designed for use with 2.5″ ID springs and coilovers and incorporate a 2.5″ upper spring perch containing thrust bearings. Using these you can dial in 3+ degrees negative camber. Kit includes slotted mounting plates, sliding plates with steel spherical bearings and 2.5″ ID upper spring perches with needle thrust bearings.
Plates are machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum right here in Southern California.

Note: Racers will probably want even more than 3 degrees negative camber (we usually bend the strut housings 1 to 1.5 degrees for racing).

Note 2: These plates also are machined with a set amount of caster (any more and you would start to sacrifice camber adjustability).

You can download your instructions here.


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