Group 2 CSL Style Long Tube Race Headers – M30



Product Description

These headers were copied from an original period set of Group 2 headers that can be seen on the Martini CSL. Very large 1-3/4″ primary tubes stem from round ports at the cylinder head as they slope down to 2″ collectors. Elegant, classy, loud, and fast.

These should fit most cars originally fitted with an M30 (E3, E9, E12, E24, E28). Will not fit into M30 swapped cars (ie. E30). Because of the largeness of the pipes some clearancing/slight modification may need to be made. There is a tight spot on the back of the block where a tab is located as seen in the last picture (This can be ground down or removed if necessary). There is also a tight spot near the frame rail (more specifically on the E9 chassis) where the seam is, therefore some of the seam may need to be removed but obviously not the frame rail itself. These modification may not be necessary on some cars, but remember these are race headers and they are huge; so clearances are close and the fit is TIGHT!