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Set of laser cut grilles for your 2002 racecar! Don’t ruin those now very pricey grilles on the track! Includes left, right and center grilles.
Mounting will be up to the installer. There are holes cut into the grilles that correspond to the factory mounting points. A simple through bolt would suffice. For the center ‘kidney’ grille you should retain your factory ‘U’ brackets and can use a through bolt there as well.
These are left bare metal.
Also note the hole for the headlight will not actually fit over factory headlamps, these are meant for offroad use only. You could enlarge the hole if desired to fit a 7″ headlight. These are intentionally left as such for those who run oil coolers etc in that area. We also noticed on #5 racecar that the left side did not fit exactly like the right side, so some trimming of the outer edges might be required to get a better fit. We have left a tiny extra material in certain areas for this reason.
These DO NOT fit the later 2002’s that had plastic grilles (’74-’76)


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