Differential Rebuild Kit – Medium Case 188mm


Each Kit

Product Description

A complete rebuild kit for your 188mm medium case differential. Will fit most 188mm differentials for: E23/E24/E28/E30/E36. The difference between the earlier and the later cars is the cover gasket, so the kit will come with both.
Included in this kit:
Cover Gasket                        #33111210405     x1
Cover Gasket                        #33111211708     x1
Side Cover Seals                 #33107505602     x2
Side Cover O-Rings              #33111214144     x2
Output Shaft Lock Rings      #33131207280     x2
Output Shaft Bearings          #33131204568     x2
Pinion Shaft Seal                  #31507609535     x1
Pinion Shaft Front Bearing   #33121203615     x1
Pinion Shaft Rear Bearing    #33121203616     x1
Pinion Shaft Crush Sleeve   #33121744368     x1
Input Shaft Lock Plate          #23211490120     x1
Speedo Sensor O-Ring        #33111210739     x1
Speedo Sensor Bracket        #33111206076     x1
Drain Plug Washers             #07119963355     x2


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