Compliance Spacers for Adjustable Camber Plates


Each Set

Product Description

These compliance spacers are used with our adjustable camber plates to provide clearance between the upper spring perch and the bottom of the camber plate. The upper spring perch must be free to rotate independently of the camber plate or the steering may bind.

These spacers stack below the spherical bearing. Different types of installation call for varying amounts of clearance, so we make these spacers 2.5mm tall so that they can be stacked to provide the necessary clearance.

A typical installation using Bilstein struts requires 2 spacers under the spherical bearing. A typical installation using Koni or Sachs struts only needs one spacer below the spherical bearing.

These spacers are included with our camber plate assemblies. You’ll only need extras if you are replacing hardware from an existing installation, or if you are using a special strut that requires a taller stack height for clearance.

Spacer dimensions:

2.5mm thick x 14mm(ID) x 19mm(OD)

**NOT intended for use on early E24’s (pre-1983) or E9’s/E3’s unless you have a custom-built IE suspension setup.

Order qty 1 receives 4pcs spacers.


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