Camshaft Tool – M10



Product Description

This is used to remove/install an M10 camshaft from/into the cylinder head. Some say this can be achieved while the motor is in the car, though we have not personally verified this statement. This is designed to be used with full valvetrain in place and compresses the valve springs via the rocker arm eccentrics. It uses the valve cover studs to operate, however the entire length of the stud may not be needed to achieve the result and may cause damage. Some other designs use the cylinder head bolts, but we like this design better for ease of manufacturing, and so it doesn’t matter if the head is on the block or not. Note that some final tweaking or slight bending of the “fingers” may be necessary to get them to align properly in their place before torqueing down.

Comes with new valve cover studs and hardware.

This tool is not for everyone, please be aware this tool does not make you a professional. Also please be aware that when opening all the valves at once you’ll need to assure that they do not crash into each other as you operate, or you may bend your valves.