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Our regrinds are done on factory cam cores. You have a choice of either 284° or 292° duration, both of which have increased lift with specs styled after the famous Schrick cams. Both will give a noticeable improvement in power and work especially well with higher compression pistons and performance carbs.

Other grinds are available by request.

These are sold on an exchange basis or sold outright, and there is a $80.00 core charge which is refundable upon our receipt of your good core. Camshaft core requirements can be seen here.

As a 292° reground camshaft achieves it’s higher lift by having a smaller base circle you will need to compensate for the difference by running oversize eccentrics or lash caps.

When running any performance cam in the M10 we recommend using an oil additive that restores ZDDP levels (Zinc/Phosphorus) to prevent premature wear. (To order, visit or your favorite oil supplier.)

Warranty Note: When running a new camshaft, we recommend new rocker arms (worn used rockers may damage your cam). There is no warranty on camshafts unless new rocker arms are used.

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