Brass Performance Clutch Pivot Pin – Late Style



Product Description

This brass pivot pin replaces the factory plastic pin (21 51 1 223 328). The stock plastic clutch pivot pin fails or wears out prematurely in some cases, especially if the car has a high performance or is driven hard. The temperature in the bell housing increases the radiant heat from the clutch disc and pressure plate transfers to the clutch fark causing failure or excessive wear of the plastic pin. Our brass pivot pin is an inexpensive way to eliminate this possibility, made by us right here in Southern California.

Fits all manual transmissions for the following cars:

E36 (318,325,328,M3)

E46 (323i/ci.wagon,328i/ci,330i/ci/xi,325i/xi,M3,M3conv.)

E90 (325i,Xi,330i/Xi,328i/Xi,335i/Xi,M3 sedan)

E92 (328i,335

Z3 (1.9,2.3,2.5i,2.8,3.0,Mcoupe,Mroadster)

Z4 (2.5i,3.0i/si)

E34 (525i,530i)

E39 (530i,540i,528i)

E60 (525i/xi,530i/xi,545i,550i,M5)

E64 (645ci,650i,M6 conv.)



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