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This kit is in stock and ready to ship. It is only for 2002’s with standard boosters (will not fit cars with Tii boosters). Brake hardlines are often mistakenly overlooked during a restoration and usually end in an ill-fitting, unsightly rush job. This pre-bent brake hard-line kit is a great solution for any 2002 restoration. These kits are made from high-quality, non-rusting Cunifer tubing. Each line is hand polished for a show-car shine. Cunifer offers a better seal than stainless steel (given that it is softer) and will not corrode like the factory mild-steel lines.

This kit will replace all the hardlines in your 2002 including the long body length line (Not pictured). Note that the body line is not pre-bent and will be shipped in coiled form.

This kit is also compatible with the larger (E12 or Volvo-based) front big brake kits, along with the larger 250mm rear drum conversion.


*Please note that this will not work with early servo-equipped 2002’s & 1600’s, or Right-Hand-Drive cars.

*Please note that if your car is equipped with the external brake proportioning valve found on some later cars, it is bypassed when using this kit.

*Please note that while these lines are pre-bent, some fine changes may be required for perfect fit. These cars were not perfect when new, let alone forty years later.

*Please note that the type of kit is determinate on the brake booster you are using on the car not the actual model. (some base model cars have been updated to Tii boosters etc.)


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