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These light-weight aluminum flywheels are designed to work with the factory type pressure plates. They have replaceable heat-treated steel friction surface and OEM ring gears. Due to rising costs of OEM flywheel bolts, they will only be provided for an additional price (ARP Flywheel bolts are cheaper). You won’t believe the difference these make in acceleration and how much faster your car will come off the corners (we believe an aluminum flywheel will improve your lap times). This is about the best bang for the buck you can do for any race car (rules pending of course). Made in the USA.

Please check what size clutch setup you are running.

Generally, the following holds true, however ALWAYS check what is on your car before ordering (the size is stamped on the clutch pressure plate).

2002 1969-1972: 228mm flywheel

2002 1973-1976: 215mm flywheel

2002 Tii 1972-1974: 228mm flywheel

E21 320 1977-1983: 215mm flywheel

E30 318 1984-1985: 215mm flywheel


1 review for Aluminum Flywheel – M10

  1. gary747x (verified owner)

    For very early 2002’s the 6 bolt crank is used and the flywheel is drilled for the coil spring pressure plate . This flywheel is for 8 bolt cranks and diaphragm spring pressure plates. IE was able to have the flywheel manufacturer drill a special order flywheel for my 6-bolt crank. thanks Paul!

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