4×100 Wheel Spacers: THICK (>10mm)



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These wheel spacers are for 4 bolt wheels, 4x100mm pattern as found on all 2002 and E30 models (except the E30 M3). Machined from billet aluminum. These spacers are hub-centric (EXCEPT 12mm).

Available in the following thicknesses:

12mm – .48″ Note: NOT HUB-CENTRIC

15mm – .59″

20mm – .79″

Spacers are sold as a set. One set is needed for the front wheels and one set for the rear wheels.

Not sure what size you need? A simple “shade-tree” solution used to determine what size spacer is to grab a handful of 12mm washers. Stack the washers onto at least two of your wheel studs. At various intervals, test your wheel fitment. After determining your wheel’s optimal fitment, take the washers off and measure the thickness of the stack of washers. Then find a spacer in the closest available size.

Not sure if your nut has enough thread contact? A simple “shade-tree” rule-of-thumb is that the nut should be turned onto the stud enough to equal the thickness of the stud itself. With the 12×1.5 thread pitch, this equates out to roughly 8 full turns of the nut.

Additional information

Weight 2.00 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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