4″ Angled Velocity Stacks – 40 DCOE



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Product Description

These 4″ velocity stacks fit 40DCOE carburetors with tab-style stack retainers, and fasten using the original Weber mounting studs and clips. These clear both 2002 and Tii brake boosters when used with most any make of intake manifold. Perfect fitment and filtration for a 2002 when combined with our UniFilter Pod air filters. Made right here in Southern California. Stacks are yellow zinc plated, and will have small tooling marks.

These are intended for Spanish-made Weber 40DCOE Type 151, not meant for the old Italian-made webers. These stacks do not extend down in between the venturi and carb body. The venturi on Spanish Weber 40DCOE’s are held in place by a set screw. The mounting ring is centered as you tighten the nuts down.

Sold as a pair. If you have dual side draft set-up order 2 pairs.


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