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These are the parts necessary for a Getrag 245 5-speed conversion for your BMW 2002. This transmission is typically found in E21 320i’s from 1977-09/1982.

DRIVE SHAFT – Shortened, rebuilt, balanced, and assembled with new center bearing.

Option 1: 3-Bolt Nose (depending on the 245’s output flange)

Option 2: 4-Bolt Nose

Shift Plate and Selector Rod kit – Comes with complete shift plate, rear support hardware, foam isolator pad, shortened selector rod, and selector rod joint and dowel.

Transmission cross member and mount – Comes with HD rubber mount, or optional urethane mount.

Short Shift Lever – or later (post Feb. 1974 build date) shift lever.

Speedo Cable (longer)

Stainless Steel Clutch Line setup – Includes the stainless steel flex line along with the appropriate hard line.

Clutch Set: Pressure plate, disc, and throw out bearing

option 1: 228mm (good time to upgrade to a 228mm from 215mm system [just need the 228 flyhweel])

option 2: 215mm

**Throw out bearing – If for whatever reason you don’t want to replace the entire clutch setup.

Option 1: 228mm

Option 2: 215mm

Guibo (flex disc)

Option 1: 6 hole (for 3 bolt drive shaft)

Option 2: 8 hole (for 4 bolt drive shaft)

Brass Clutch Pivot Pin: NOT required but The factory clutch pivot pin is made from plastic and wears over time. Replacing the pivot pin with the brass pin while the transmission is out is a good idea.

Clutch Slave Cylinder: The Clutch Slave on the getrag 245 mounts to the outside of the bell housing.