Forged H-Beam Connecting Rod – M10/M30/S14/S38



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Our high performance H-beam connecting rods are made of forged 4340 steel and are super strong. They come with ARP2000 bolts, are doweled for perfect alignment and are balanced to within 1 gram (including fasteners).
135mm is standard for most M10/M30 motors. 144mm is standard for S14/S38’s. 146mm Rods need to be used with a custom piston setup.

*AS OF 11/12/20 the 144mm connecting rods are out of stock. Please call to order these backordered parts*


Big end diameter is 52mm
Small end is 22mm.
Each rod weighs +/- 571g without bolts or bearings.

Note: This latest version uses standard M10-style rod bearings.

Sold individually:
M10/S14 KIT (4-rods): $636.00
M30/S38 KIT (6-rods): $954.00

TORQUE SPEC: 50 ft/lbs with ARP molylube.

You can download instructions here.


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