Custom Forged Pistons - M20

Custom Forged Pistons - M20

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Custom forged pistons. Since these are custom, you can have pretty-much anything you want. Bore, compression, head type, stroke, whatever. For example: If you want to build a stroker (like a 2.8 liter M20), you'll need custom pistons. To build the 2.8 liter you can use either the 325e or diesel crank, "i" rods and a set of these custom pistons.

Forged pistons are stronger and much lighter than the cast factory pistons. Set includes rings and wrist pins. Note: Some configurations may cost slightly more due to compression ratio or pin height. It's actually best to call and discuss your application.

These custom forged pistons take 4-6 weeks to produce - don't wait 'til the race season begins! Side skirt coating adds 1 week to this lead time.
Custom piston orders cannot be canceled or returned once production has started.