Tachometer Adapter - 2002/E21

Tachometer Adapter - 2002/E21

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Product Description


This is a Tachometer Adapter for the 2002 or E21. It takes the incoming tachometer signal from the engine/ECU and converts it into one that the stock tachometer recognizes. This is helpful if you are putting together a 2002/E21 with a motor swap (BMW M42, S14, M20, M30, S52, Honda F20, Nissan SR20DET, etc.) since it allows you to keep your stock tachometer. It is a clean and simple solution versus changing out the tach to one that resembles little likeness to the original. It also is reversible, if you should ever want to go back to the stock drivetrain.

**Installation Note: Please understand that this adapter requires some knowledge of automotive electrical systems. It is simple to setup, but it is not for a "first-timer". We are not responsible if you accidentally damage the adapter. Basic instructions are included.

**Also note: that this is not setup to run an 8-cylinder swap, however we can accommodate that by special request.

Made in North America.