123 Bluetooth Distributor - M10

123 Bluetooth Distributor - M10

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Product Description


After installing the free App and making the Bluetooth connection you can enter the values: at which RPM do you need how many degrees crankshaft? In this way you will easily program your ideal advance curve with your smartphone or tablet.  

The App enables you to adjust the advance curve, it shows an electronic dashboard and within the settings there is also an immobilzer integrated to secure your car with an anti-theft system!

This model replaces distributors used in BMW M10 engines that don't need a trigger pulse for injection. This comes comes with an upright cap.


- For 6 Volt and/or 12 Volt cars (auto detect)
- Variable dwell constant current, fully automatic (auto detect)
- Coil current protection time-out after 1 second (auto detect)
- For positive and negative earth cars
- Programmable centrifugal advance curve (500 to 8000 rpm)
- Programmable vacuum-advance and boost-retard curve (0 to 200 kPa or -30 inHg to +15 psi)
- Rev limiters (advanced random spark stealing)
- Real-time tuning (ideal for working on a test bench)

You smartphone/tablet will show you:

- Temperature gauge (selectable in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit)
- Manifold pressure (selectable in Bar or inches Hg/Psi)
- Tachometer (0 to 8000 rpm crankshaft)
- Spark-energy gauge (primary coil current)
- Total-advance gauge (in degrees crankshaft)
- Battery voltage
- GPS speed

Please note: The cogwheel of this TUNE-BMW-4-R-V makes the unit turn Clockwise. When your engine is a M10 of the newer type (as f.e. is used in BMW E21 after 1978) a distributor which turns Counter Clockwise is needed. The electronics in the 123 unit is programmed to function as well in case a cogwheel with a different turning direction has been mounted. An adaption piece needs to be made.

You can download the latest version of the 123/TUNE software here: www.123ignition.nl.


If you don't have a new coil, you should order a new coil. Although used coils all look alike, they should be viewed with suspicion since one cannot tell from the outside whether and how often they were exposed to overheating in the past. Installing the 123ignition system will ensure that the coil will never overheat again in the future. We recommend the Bosch Blue coil.