Internal Headlight Covers - 2002

Internal Headlight Covers - 2002

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Product Description


This listing is for a pair of ADAMS Autosport Internal Headlight Covers. They go inside your 2002's engine bay, above where the headlights sit. These covers help to visually clean up the engine area, as well as improve the efficiency of air-flow to the engine. The covers are designed to appear "factory" and bolt into place (no fabrication required). The BMW E9 Coupe had a similar type of headlight cover, so it's only right that the 2002 have them as well!

Construction and Fitment:
The ADAMS Autosport headlight covers were designed and made here in Southern California. The are made from stainless steel and can be installed as-is, without fear of corrosion. However, for best results we recommend painting them to match your car.

x2 Internal Headlight Covers (x1 left/ x1 right).
x2 OEM-style Body Screws
x2 OEM-style Speed Clips
x1 Strip of adhesive-backed insulation tape (long enough for both covers)