Shortened Custom Length 3-Bolt Drive Shaft - 2002

Shortened Custom Length 3-Bolt Drive Shaft - 2002

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Product Description


Here you can get a custom driveshaft for your swapped 2002 (M42, M20, Getrag 240, F20c, etc.). We can only shorten, we cannot add to the stock length of the driveshaft.

Drive shaft will recieve new u-joints, nose bushing, center bearing, and of course be balanced. We do not have any more good useable cores at this time so you will need to send us your drive shaft to be modified.

We do not shorten the rear section of the shaft as this measurement should not change (unless for some reason the mounting point for the center bearing has been relocated on your vehicle.)

WARNING: We need you to specify the length of your drive shaft. LENGTH IS MEASURED FROM FLANGE TO FLANGE OF THE DRIVESHAFT ITSELF. In other words, mating surface to mating surface (guibo to diff input flange). We are not responsible if you give us a length with the nose or the guibo included in that length. DO NOT MEASURE FROM FLANGE ON TRANSMISSION TO FLANGE ON DIFFERENTIAL. If you have any questions at all about measuring the length please email us prior to placing your order.