5 Lug Swap Front Hubs - 2002

5 Lug Swap Front Hubs - 2002

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These allow you to swap to a 5 lug (5x120) set up in the front utilizing standard 2002 front struts, no need to buy Tii struts! They use same 2002 wheel bearings. The have same offset as E12/E21 front hubs.

As for brakes that will be mostly up to you, we do have a couple sets of 5 lug 15" Wilwood kit that would work (email us for special order).

For rear 5 lug set ups we recommend a fill and redrill technique, Tii rear hubs are ideal but not necessary. If you use standard hubs in the rear for this you will need to reinforce the back. We do not offer this service at this time.

We have made 2 sets extra and that will be all. Made from billet 6061 aluminum.