IE New Billet Camshaft - M20 - 272'

IE New Billet Camshaft - M20 - 272'

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A great upgrade for a street hot-rod E30 325i with M20 engine. We have these 272 cams custom-made in Europe (They are not regrinds or welded, these are brand new cams.) The design and results are identical to the Schrick 272; the higher lift helps mid-range power and the extra duration helps the top end. This cam will pull right up to 7000 rpm, and works well with upgrades like chips, free flow air filters, headers, etc.

Fits the following M20-equipped cars:
-E30 325i
-E34 525
*Note: Does not fit the M20 cylinder head found in 325e ('eta', M20b27 w/#200 head).

WARRANTY INFORMATION: With new camshafts we recommend new HD rocker arms and oil containing at least 2000ppm of ZDDP per quart. Without new rockers or proper oil there is no warranty on the camshaft. (To order zddp as an oil additive, visit or your favorite oil supplier.)