Dual Shear Selector Rod - E36 M3, 325i

Dual Shear Selector Rod - E36 M3, 325i

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Product Description


This is a dual-shear-selector rod for your 5-speed E36 M3 or 325i (up to 09/1994). Similar to what was used on the E30 M3 DTM cars, this selector rod offers a tighter shift by spreading the torsional force on both sides of the selector rod. A tighter selector rod means a tighter shift lever, eliminating slop found in the stock single-shear selector rod.

While there are a few dual shear selector rods on the market, ours is a simple but effective design without needlessly high manufacturing costs. Made right here in Southern California from Stainless Steel (NOT soft threaded aluminum). Not compatible with engine swaps.

**Needs to be installed with an 09/89 and later selector rod joint. (BMW# 25 11 7 503 525)

***Please note, if you are installing this in a car with an OEM shift lever, you will need to sand/shave-down the bottom shifter bushing.