Stage 3: 'Race' Adjustable Camber Plates - Mini R55/R56/R57/R58/R59

Stage 3: 'Race' Adjustable Camber Plates - Mini R55/R56/R57/R58/R59

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Adjustable camber plates for the 2007+ R55,R56,R57, R58, R59 MINI Cooper and Cooper S.These allow approximately up to 3.5 degrees of negative camber for the front suspension. These plates have spherical bearings and NO rubber or urethane (Very harsh and noisy on the street), They are intended for track cars only. Because of the compact design, these plates are 1" shorter than the factory upper strut bearing. This allows an additional 1" of shock travel for lowered cars. They do not require drilling any holes and your strut brace will still fit.

These accept a 2.5" diameter spring as found on most coil-over setups, these will not fit the stock diameter springs. It will NOT work with the newer Bilstein PSS9 Kit since that kit uses a spring which is 5" in diameter at the top.

Note: does not fit supercharged MINI

Fits the following cars:
2007-'10 Cooper (R56)
2007-'10 Cooper S (R56)
2008-'10 Clubman (R55)
2008-'10 Clubman S (R55)
2009-'11 Cabriolet (R57)
2009-'11 Cabriolet S (R57)
2009+ JCW Hardtop (R56)
2009+ JCW Cabriolet (R57)
2009+ JCW Clubman (R55)
2011+ Cooper (R56)
2011+ Cooper S (R56)
2011+ Clubman (R55)
2011+ Clubman S (R55)
2011+ Cabrio (R57)
2011+ Cabrio S (R57)
2012+ Coupe (R58)
2012+ Coupe S (R58)
2012+ JCW Coupe (R58)
2012+ Roadster (R59)
2012+ Roadster S (R59)
2012+ JCW Roadster (R59)