Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator (Nuke Performance)

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator (Nuke Performance)

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If you are designing a custom fuel injection system for your stroker, swap, or turbo project and need to include a high-quality Fuel Pressure Regulator, this is it. This Nuke regulator is imported from Sweden and is made out of 6082. It includes a stainless universal mounting bracket with hardware.

Yes this regulator is not cheap, but neither is a blown engine from using a regulator of dubious quality.

Installation note: Please understand this is not a simple stock-replacement rail-mounted regulator; only use this regulator if needed. If you are looking for a regulator for use with your stock rail and factory 8mm(5/16") hose, see our other regulator option.

- 1:1 rising rate fuel pressure (adjustable from 35psi to 90psi [NOT for use with carburetors]).
- The Fluoro-Nitrile diaphragm is methanol and ethanol friendly.
- The included 6AN Fittings (with Nitrile o-rings) supports up to roughly 500hp (larger fittings for higher-outputs available by request). With the correct fittings, this regulator will handle around 1000hp.